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About us

IS there a better way?

Is there a better way?

For quick return of investments than automation of processes. As experience of our clients shows payback of the conveyers systems is 3 – 6 month.

Is there a better way?

To increase the effectiveness of production than automation of processes. The Use of the conveyors lets raise sharply the performance and reduce the production costs for product release with by minimal inputs for servicing of equipment.

Is there a better way?

For optimization logistics than automation processes. With the help of modern facility automation (controllers, frequency converters, pneumatics), we can build schemes of travel production with different conditions like lifting, lowering, division and joining production lines, weighing in movement, screening, sorting, smooth variation speed and etc.

Undoubtedly, the best way is automation processes in travel.


Since 1998, our company has been specializing in production of system automation for different industrial processes in the area of travel outputs. The main direction of our business is production conveyor systems, individual conveyors, roll-tables, control system and electrical cabinets.

Our advantages

The main advantages of our company are individual methods of working with every Customer. Producing equipment according to the requirement specification, we thoroughly consider Your requires especially integrations (drives, belts, chains ect), materials (steel, aluminum, stainless steel), colors of construction. For food productions we can offer a special program of hygienic decisions. Also, You can order free service (within the precincts of a town and region), it is a visit to a Customer by manager of the project for presentation and consulting with choosing of conveyors. Besides, we can offer to Customer some more service advantages. One problem can be solved with several variants, and our design office is always ready to offer the clients the alternative solutions.

About site

On this site You will find any information about conveyors provided by our company, which bears trade mark - ”Trak-on”. In the section “Production”, You will see photos and video of our production. Using system of tips and recommendations about main points of order, You can send us request for price of conveyor, which is interesting for You. In the section “Interesting”, You will find different information about P.T. Group. They are slideshow, presentation, advertisement and etc. On this site You can choose and order components of conveyors which are made by leading world firms.


The warranty service period is 12 months (warranty for metalware 24 month) from the date when Customer get order or from the date when the Delivery and Acceptance Certificte was signed (start of exploitation) or if mounting (chief-mounting) was realized by P.T. Group specialists. During this period producer is obliged to eliminate defects and change faulty part at his own expense. This obligation pays off spare parts and reproduction costs. Transport and residence costs of specialists are paid separately.
    Warranty is not applied for defects, which was appeared as a result of:
  • abuse of equipment by Customer
  • out-of-sequence servicing
  • wrong mounting of equipmentя
  • facilities operation in conditions of increase humidity, dustiness etc (which were not mentioned in requirements specification)
  • wrong connection of equipment to the electricity supply network
  • intervention of Customer in construction of equipment


PT Groupp offers such services as:
  • visit to a Customer by manager of the project for presentation and consulting on choice of conveyors and for composition of requirements specification
  • visit to a Customer by designer for metering and for agreement of requirements specification
  • visit to a Customer by designer for realization of chief-mounting
  • visit to a Customer by adjuster for mounting of equipment, including works at a height
  • training of personnel of a Customer
  • maintenance inspection of conveyor systems
  • warranty and afterwards warranty service
  • Constantly reserve of component parts in the warehouse (chains, bearing, holder, rolls, frequency converters etc)

Our standards

  • Conveyor system must meet Russian industrial safety requirements, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility, ecological compatibility and fire safety.
  • In case of faulty operation, for example in spite of missing in power supply, system must have an easily reset.
  • Service of system must be reduced to minimum. In connection with continuous running of production the possibility of service of system during the work is foreseen.
  • Service of system must be realized by own personnel of factory shop without calling of secondary work force.
  • Algorithm of system work in common, as well as every element and program module, must be described neatly and given to a Customer.
  • Assembly drawing of system and passports are given to a Customer.
  • Mounting of system must be held without delays for production.
  • There must be possibility for expansion and modification of system.
  • Current expenditures of exploitation of system must be reduced to minimum.
  • Specific characteristics of system is taken into account when system is being designing.
We make an effort to find optimal decision of Customer’s tasks and achieve maximum economic effect from automation of processes with by minimal inputs. We hope to see You as our Customers, friends and partners.
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