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Beverage manufacturers.

«Nevskye Cheeses»
«Nevskye Cheeses» is a large holding company, which delivers cheese production.

«Chipita» is a Greek firm, which is producer of popular bakery «7 Days».

«Petroholod» is a first-rate producer of very tasty ice-cream in Russia.

«Baltiyskoe moloko»
«Baltiyskoe moloko» is a concern of «Vimm-Bill-Dann» group.

«Bravo International»
«Bravo International» is a large producer of low alcohol cocktails in Russia.

«Polyustrovo» is a leader of production of drink water and drinks in Saint-Petersburg.

«Hlebnyj Dom»
«Hlebnyj Dom» is a leader of production of baked goods in Russia.

«Rostar» is a concern of «Russian Aluminum» group. It produces aluminum jar, which is the most civilized pack.

«FSB of Russia»
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«Zolotaya bochka»
It is one of the brands of «Kaluzhskaya Pivovarennaya Company»

«Henkel» is an international chemical company.

Russian Alcohol Group, a closed joint-stock company, was founded in September 2003. Today, the Group comprises 4 vodka manufacturing facilities: Topaz, located in Pushkino, the Moscow region; First Kypazhniy Factory, located in Tula; Ushba Distillery, located in Tbilisi, Georgia; Siberian LVZ, located in Koltsovo, in the Novosibirsk region; and a factory, Bravo Premium, located in St. Petersburg, which produces alcoholic cocktail beverages.

«Ursa» is a one of the leading European producers of modern thermal insulators.

«Sibur» (Sibirsko-Uralskaya Neftegazovaya Company). It is a large Russian oil company. In 2005 «Sibur» was a sponsor of football team «Zenith».
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